Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Twins and Us 4/22/12

Carter and Makenna did a great job walking (running) down the aisle.  Chris and I walked right in front of them and the whole time we were walking I could hear "Mom, Dad wait for me" "wait for me". While we were walking I said to Chris, "we're going to have to turn around at the front and catch them".  I had this vision of them running down the aisle, throwing the football (I'll explain in a second) and running right past everyone up onto the alter. We did catch them, they ran right to me and said "Hi Mommy". Then Kenna turned to find Daddy and Carter looked up and said "Hi, Uncle Phil".  I quickly scooped up Carter and handed him off to my Mom and Chris gave Kenna to my Dad. They didn't walk, but they did hold hands the whole way, they didn't fall, and they looked so darn cute, I consider it a successful aisle run. Now for the football, Carter carried a small football for a ring pillow. My Mom is super crafty and painted a small football white and added a ribbon, flower, and 2 rings.  She also made Kenna's flower ball with white flowers and purple ribbons.

Here is Chris and Carter relaxing on a bench before the reception. I love my boys.
The girls of Balfour all grown up :) We had such a great childhood and talk about how much fun it was that we all lived within 9 houses from each other on the same block. I want a neighborhood like that for the twins.  We already have our buddies one house away, but I think we need a few more kids to move onto Westerly Dr. The more the merrier! 
photo credit: Michele Ronzello
Grandpa and Carter. Carter took a few relax times sitting with Grandpa but he stayed awake the whole reception and switched between relaxing like this and tearing up the dance floor!
My bestie Michele. I can't wait for her wedding this August. (I just got my outfit for her shower :) So far all the weddings I have been in have had good bridesmaid dresses. I loved this purple dress and plan on wearing it to prom next year.  But I just tried on the dress for Michele's wedding and it's awesome too. It's more of my "style" because it goes over 1 shoulder (my fav dresses) and it's a pretty shade of yellow. With a tan it's going to look good.
photo credit: Michele Ronzello
Here I am.  I don't post many pictures of myself because I'm always the picture taker. I liked the yellow wall with the purple dress. I was standing by it and said "Hey look Chris it's your High School colors!" he laughed. Then I said it's also Phil and Diane's college colors from Defiance College.

Chris and Carter with the Army Jeep.  The twins always point out jeeps and say "Daddy's Jeep".  I think they like riding around in the Jeep better than Mommy's Explorer. (Mommy too when the top is down)
The next couple pictures are of Kenna when we went exploring the other side of the museum after the wedding was over.  We walked around the museum all by ourselves at 11:45pm. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little scared all ourselves.  I kept thinking of the movie "Night at the Museum" then all the exhibits come alive. hahaha
Kenna as a hot dog! Yes, she has a paci in all these pictures. It was midnight, I wasn't even going to try to take it away from her at that time of night and the crankiness it was saving us by her having it.
Kenna planing in the life-size doll house.
Kenna looked at all the beautiful doll houses and I don't think she liked the fact they were covered by glass so she couldn't play with them.
Then back to the dance floor! Kenna liked to be held while she danced :)
Carter getting ready to break it down on the dance floor. He was so funny. He would go from almost sleeping to....
Break dancing the night away!! This was one of his signature moves of the night.
The other signature move was "the swim". He would lay down on the floor on his tummy and them pull himself forward across the floor like he was swimming. It was so cute and funny. Then he would switch it up and go backward :) I love his dance moves! They should just change the song to "He's got moves like Carter". Chris even did "The Carter" dance across the floor.
photo credit: Michele Ronzello
We had such a great time at the wedding and reception! At least 4 times after we got home I said "what a fun wedding" and then I'm sure I said it 4 more times the next day :) But it really was FUN! 

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