Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Beach Day

It was our first beach day of 2012 and they twins had a blast.... there was a little bit of naughty sand throwing but we can work on that.  I'm so excited for more beach days this year.  The babies are a little older so I'm a little more comfortable having them out in the sun.  I didn't like too much sun and heat when they were younger and sand in their bottles, diapers, and sippy cups.  But now we have straws and juice boxes mastered and they are getting better about letting me put on sunscreen. My mom got here on Sunday morning and we were out to the beach that day!! 
On our way to the beach with the top down, Daddy's car is fun!!

Throw me Daddy!!!! She loves it!

and it makes Mommy a little nervous.......

ok A LOT nervous.... the whole time I was saying "Chris not so high, Chris careful!!!" and he would say "I'm not gonna drop her" I knew he wouldn't ever let her fall, but it just makes me nervous watching my little baby fly through the air.

This is her cheerleading "stunt" She locks her knees and balances so good. She's a natural :)

he got a haircut... can you tell??? haha

He loved playing in the sand. It makes me happy that it will keep him busy so we can relax a little bit on the beach and just watch him play.

caught in the act!! NAUGHTY! We are working on not throwing sand. Chris ended up with it all down his shorts and in his hair. Not a happy daddy with sand everywhere. 
My Mom took these pictures and I got a few more from her camera, from the twins 2nd birthday.  I'm so glad she remembered to take pictures because I was so busy I didn't get a chance to take any. Thanks Momma! I'll write a post about their birthday next :)

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