Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy 4th of July

This year for the 4th of July we took a trip to Pensacola Beach to see my sister's husband Eric.  He was in AIT at Corey Station in Pensacola. Paula had not seen him in MONTHS (since his graduation from basic)  We all piled in the car for the 7 hour road trip, me, Chris, Paula, and the twins.  We had dvds, books, and toys.  It was an easy drive. For Paula 7 hours probably felt like an eternity! They were finally together at last!!!!!!

 The first night we stayed in downtown Pensacola so we could walk to a few restaurants and outdoor bars (pretty early of course) We went to Hopjacks for pizza and beers. They have over 100 beers on tap!  I had the Triple Purple Haze Abita beer, it was good.  Then we walked around downtown, it was a fun area! We found a outdoor wine bar with live music. 

The twins love dancing!!!

On the way home we found an Army pelican, of course we took a picture with it!!

The next two nights we moved to the Hilton on Pensacola Beach. 
The hotel was perfect! It was right on the beach with two pools. One big pool and one splash pool for the babies :) They had a blast! The waves were a little too big (yep big waves in the GULF) to go in the Gulf of Mexico.  We really don't see waves that big down at the beaches by us, maybe because of all the barrier sand bars and islands?  Paula, Eric, and Chris went in the ocean and played in the waves while the babies and I collected shells in the sand. 

The first night we went out for sushi. (a favorite for all of us) Everyone ordered something different and we tried all the rolls, then we all ordered again!! Between all of us, we tried at least 8-10 different rolls.  Paula ordered the best roll, but I can't remember what it was.  I guess we will have to go out for sushi again! That night we wanted to go down to the beach to watch the fireworks, but the babies just couldn't stay awake.  All that swimming really wore them out.

We spent the next entire day at the beach and pool. It was the place to be!! Then went out for a nice dinner at Hemmingways.  It was a beautiful restaurant and had fabulous food.  The lobster bisque was one of the best. 

Happy 4th of July.  It was our last day in Pensacola.  We had a wonderful vacation with Paula and Eric.  Goodbyes are never easy.  but this time Paula knew she would see him in just over 2 weeks. We all piled back into the car and headed back home.  The last half hour of our drive we were able to watch fireworks while we were driving :)

Kelly and Mike's Wedding

Part 2

Kelly was gorgeous (she always is!!) Her dress has an amazing story. She is the fifth person in her family to wear the dress. It started with her Grandmother, then her Mom and two aunts wore the dress. Finally Kelly's turn. She had the dress re-made with a modern style but everything on the dress was on the dress before, nothing new was added.

The twins were the flower girl and ring bearer. Thank you so much Kelly and Mike for asking them to be part of your big day.  They made it all the way down the aisle, they RAN down the aisle! Then after all the running took a nap during church.

It was so good to see my sorority sisters. I havn't seen them since my wedding in 2007. We really need to have a summer reunion every year because we only see "everyone" at weddings. What will we do after everyone gets married?? A reunion  is a fantastic idea! Who wants to plan it??

It is ALWAYS  so much fun to party with the Knibbs family.  They really know how to throw a fabulous wedding!!!! We had a great time and it was fun to see a little bit of Chicago. It was the twins first trip, we will be going back, hopefully soon!!