Friday, December 7, 2012

Long time..... no posts....

SOOOOO what have we been doing? SINCE JUNE!!!!!! In short we have been B-U-S-Y, busy. I must use that word a lot because Kenna was on the computer the other day and I needed it for something (probably facebook) but she said "no Mom, I'm busy" Hmmmmm.. made me think. I really don't want my kids to feel the chaotic-ness of my overly busy life.  I'm ready for winter break and for life to slow down a little bit.
So back to my first question... what have we been up to... here it is! 4 weddings, football games, our first competition, a plane trip home to Michigan all by myself with the kiddos, a little vacation, a few projects, 2 birthdays, beach days, a Disney trip, oh ya SCHOOL started and I'm teaching a new subject this year (I think that's where my brain spends 40% of its time, haha) a very special Military Night Football game, Thanksgiving, Halloween, decorated for Christmas, Jack the Elf came to visit, play dates and nights out with friends.
HALLOWEEN PARTY. No, I am not really pregnant :)

first competition of the year!

Football games.

Cottage Week 2012 with the Family! I will hopefully have a whole post on this so we don't forget our fun times.

Military Night Football Game! This was Eric's jersey sent to Afghanistan.  It was #66 which was my brothers number in college :) 

New Cheer uniforms this year!!!!!

Michele got married!!!!!

We visited a local military museum. It was very impressive!

Disney trip!

my silly team at our last football game of the season

Beach day for my Birthday :)

We went to NWES for Great America Teach-in and taught the kiddos some cheers.   I am so proud to coach such an amazing bunch of cheerleaders this year!

Nikki's bachelorette party.

We did our family photos this year at the marina. of course by the amazing Ashley from Ashley Hamilton Photography. If you would like to see the rest, click the link to her blog. ASHLEY HAMILTON PHOTOGRAPHY

Again from the HHS Military Appreciation Night.  The USSOCOM Para-Commandos parachuted into OUR STADIUM!!! it was sooooo amazing to see this and I know it's a memory our players will take with them.

This summer I grew my first garden.  Really all that grew was sunflowers and okra..... try again.

Daddy's birthday :)

Cheerleading carwash.... they are so creative :)

one of my projects.. I made kenna and carter blankets and pillows. I let them pic our the fabric they wanted.

Nikki got married!!

My gorgeous bestie!!!! what a wedding, WOW!

Melissa and I took our team to the beach. It was so much fun and we decided it's going to be a cheer tradition. Beach day to kick off the season!

Christmas decor is all up!

AHHHHHH Halloween 2012. Pirate and a Princess.


The best birthday cards I've ever received.

awww, we're kinda cute sometimes.

Kristin and Tim got married!!!

We got married...... 5 YEARS AGO!!!! our 5th wedding anniversary was spent with our family at a cute little mexican place in Detroit :) 

So, that's just a snapshot or a few snapshots at whats been going on with us. Yes, they are all out of order but it's so hard to move pictures around on Blogger I just left them the way they are. If anyone know's an easier way than dragging the pictures around.... PLEASE let me know.  Or maybe blogger should just change this feature to make it easier.  

Anyway, life isn't slowing down just yet.  This weekend I'm going to our Regional Competition, next weekend we are going to GEORGIA TO SEE the B-I-L!!!!! I can't wait to see him and Paula! He is home on R&R ???? for a couple weeks then back overseas for the second half of his deployment.  Then finally after that we have a little break from it all, and I'm ready!