About Us

I married my best friend in 2007 and my life has been an amazing adventure ever since. We moved to Florida where I am a teacher and coached cheerleading, we bought our first home, got our second puppy, Kali a Rhodesian ridgeback, Chris decided to become an Army recruiter, and we decided it was time for a baby. SURPRISE! WE HAVE TWINS!

My favorite and most important role is a Mommy to beautiful, growing, energetic, boy/girl twins. It is the most exciting adventure of my life! The best part of my day is hearing them say Mommy and getting DOUBLE the baby kisses. I absolutely love snuggling and rocking my babies to sleep every night.

During the day, I have a rewarding and sometimes challenging career as a 9th grade science teacher. I know 9th grade?!?! Really?!?! I have a lot of patience and I think my students are awesome; they are coming to a new school (High School) meeting new people, making new friends, finding out who they are as young adults, learning how to be successful, the list of discoveries and growth I see in my students goes on. Most importantly I love teaching how cool science really is and how it affects their lives everyday. One of my favorite things I hear from my students is “OH!! Now I get it!” I love when a concept I am teaching finally clicks. 

(Ashley Hamilton took this amazing picture, love her thank you!)
We are enjoying living in sunny Florida and have made many great new friends. However we find that we miss our family back in Michigan and 99% of our “vacations” are to “home”. One day we hope to be back there!
photo credit: Ashley Hamilton