Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our day out with Mommy

We went to the children's museum last Sunday while Chris did his homework for a couple college classes he is taking. I think I had as much fun as the twins did. On the way there I was a little worried about taking the two of them by myself. BUT... I really liked the way the exhibits were set up, I felt like I could contain my wild 2 year olds and keep them in one area. I only had to chase Makenna down one time. I sprinted after her while carrying Carter under my arm like a football (of course I had to carry the heavier one) she was laughing the whole time.  Mommy did not think it was so funny.  Other than that the twins did great!

Makenna enjoyed playing dress up at every exhibit she could, I wish they didn't have hats for dress up. I tried to keep them away from her, but she got to the fire helmets before I could and she was so darn cute I didn't have the heart to take it away.
Driving the tug boat.
Makenna had so much fun diving into the ball pit head first...silly girl :)
Carter climbing the wall; he made it all the way up the the second board with his hands.  I'm amazed everyday by what my 2 year olds can do.

This was probably one of my favorite exhibits. The kiddos love animals and spent probably 20 minutes playing veterinarian.  It was adorable!!!! I wish I would have had the video camera for this! They called the little beagle Maggie. They checked her ears and did something with the sissors (scary) and gave her medicine.  Maggie is my parents beagle in Michigan :)
We ended up playing in the sand pit.... twice :) The "sand" was ground up rubber mulch. Even though it wasn't real sand we still ended up bringing some home with us. Just yesterday I found little pieces in Carters cup holders in his car seat.

Kenna the firegirl! She made a friend and they drove to the fire wearing their fire hats..Kenna was the driver and her friend was the siren-button pusher.
After Kenna's friend left Carter crawled up into the front seat while Kenna drove..... All I could think of was this is what its gonna look like 14 years from now..... 14!!! YEARS!!!! thats not long enough, I should probably tell them now they are not driving until they are 18...haha.

After driving the fire truck they got to drive an airplane. The picture on the screen is of Tampa Bay and that is the Skyway Bridge. Very cool. I sat in the back of the plane while they drove and I really liked watching the screen. They were great pilots :)

After all the driving we were hungry so the twins made me a sandwich. Carter helped bring Kenna all the toppings and Kenna did the cooking.

It was such a fun little day trip with my babies, next time we are excited to bring along Daddy.  Growing up I loved the science center and museums.  I hope my kiddos share the same love of science and learning as I do.

We were supposed to run a 5k this morning, but it was too cold and windy for the twins to sit in their stroller that early in the morning (in the 30's); so we will go on a walk later when it warms up a bit. Our next 5k is in March at the ZOO!!! Other than our walk later, I'm not sure what else we are going to do today. 

I plan on making paella for dinner. I've never made it before, wish me luck! Happy Sunday!