Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Disney with Grandpa and Gigi: Day 2

I had to put Day 2 into 2 posts. We had so much fun and did so much in 3 days that I don't want to miss anything or forget some of the cute little moments the twins had with their Grandparents. The first part of the day we spent it at the pool and splash park. We all love Disney, but needed the relax day in between days at the parks to regain some energy. 

Gigi bought Carter the cutest new "Crabby" suit.  Both Carter and Kenna call crabs "crabbys". 
Kenna hanging out, playing with Grandpa in the pool with their cups.
Pour the water into one cup...
and back into the other.

and back again :)  Kenna also got a new suit from Gigi. It's her "cupcake suit"
Carter is such a little dare devil.... He was over going down the slide sitting down. He saw the big kids go down backward and decided to try it out too!!!! Oh my, what am in for in the future with him!?!?!? He is going to give me heart palpitations one day, I just know it!
The boys and their cups (their red solo cups :) Carter said his was "coffee".... he hangs out with Mommy more than Daddy obviously! Otherwise he would have had "beer" in his cup like the guys (he was just scooping the pool water, don't worry) (or then again worry!!! I really hope he didn't drink any. Chris, you were paying attention right?! ewwwww!!!!!)
Mommy's Boy! We were having fun playing in the water. My Dad said he was like an "out of control bobber" in that life jacket. He usually has on his froggy but wanted his jacket instead for a while. He did get better by the end.
Cute suit :)
Before naps we stopped at the splash park to play. That water was much colder than the pool!!! But they loved it just the same. Run, run, run!!

Then it was nap time :)

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