Saturday, April 28, 2012

Diane and Phil "The Wedding" 4/22/12

What an amazing wedding! My little brother is MARRIED!!!! And he married the most wonderful, smart, caring, pretty..... Way to go Phil! He's not a bad catch either, he's my brother, he's awesome! The ceremony was nice, I liked the way the wedding party stood up with them the whole time, and I liked that they did their vows up in the very front of the church. The church they belong to is one of the most beautiful churches in the area. I don't have any photos from the church (we were a little busy) 

And then we went to the reception.  It was at The Henry Ford Museum and it was AMAZING! I was in awe from the minute we walked in. The plane was over the band and dance floor, Phil told me about the plane but I couldn't picture it or didn't realize how big and cool it was until I was actually there.  The reception was right in the middle of the museum. 

I caught this shot of phil walking up to Diane before the reception and its one of my favorite pictures of the night! I love the way he is looking at her and how the camera caught the light in the background. 

Kenna and the "princess" she was checking out her pretty necklaces. Diane is a stunning bride. 
The neighborhood group! We all grew up on Balfour Ave. Yep, Phil was the only boy :)) and Diane fits in perfectly. 
photo credit: Michele Ronzello
Of course I took a picture of the cake! And everyone got a chocolate covered strawberry.  I didn't get to eat mine I was saving it for one of the babies and then the waitress picked it up. It's ok, I ate 3 pieces of wedding cake the next day to make up for it!! Wedding cake is my favorite cake ever.

Diane laughing at something... not sure what but she looks so happy. It's a fun picture
Their first dance as Husband and Wife.  I didn't know this until Trevor's best man speech but their first dance as boyfriend and girlfriend was at my wedding almost 5 years ago.  I would also like to comment on how Trevor is an awesome public speaker. He had a great speech and it was memorized! and Paula,  your's was great too. I liked that you had a clipboard and it all organized for what you wanted to say (it's so you!) She is always organized and when she comes to my house she organizes it for me. It's the only time my cupboards are EVER organized :)
Phil and Diane we are so happy for you and love you both very much! I'm excited to have another sister, Diane welcome to the family. Now the next question is... How long until the twins have a little cousin or two? 

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