Saturday, August 17, 2013

More than 6 months.....

My last post was more than 6 months ago. I started this little blog for Carter and Kenna to look back and read about all the fun things we are doing as they grow up.  BUT....... I'm a bad Mommy and I guess I was way too busy to keep up with everything.  I forgot to write about all the fun we were having.  I know I have a little blog idea journal packed somewhere in all our stuff at "The House" (nope, we are still not moved into our house thats a whole new post for another day).  If and when I find my blog idea journal I will start to tackle the idea list but for right now I want to list the TOP 10 THINGS we did since my last post in December............

10. We went to Paula's to see Uncle Eric on his leave from Afghanistan and celebrated our 3rd birthdays there with Gigi, Grandpa, Auntie P, Uncle E, Al, Kim, and Dave.  Auntie P and Gigi made them there cakes Kenna had a Tinkerbell cake and Carter had a Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake.

9. We walked in the Gasparilla Childrens Parade as real Pirates. I made Kenna a pirate princess costume, Carter wore his Halloween pirate costume again, I found the cutest chiffon shirt with skulls, and Chris wore a bandana (I ordered him a shirt from amazon, but it didn't ship in time for the parade) It was waiting on our front porch when we got home, go figure! This was so much fun, I want to post a picture post for this day!

8. We went on a whole family trip to DISNEY WORLD!!! and Paula and I ran the Disney Princess half marathon.

7.  Michelle and Claire came to visit for Spring Break 2013!!!!! Whoooo hooooo!!! The weather was kinda cold, but we still managed to have a lot of fun. Ybor, Aquarium, 1 beach visit, walking on the causeway, Downtown Dunedin for lunch, Tarpon Springs sponge docks.

6. We found out we WERE moving to Michigan, then we WERE NOT moving to Michigan, then the Army decided we WERE moving to Michigan. Back and forth, back and forth it was a super stressful couple of months when I felt like our whole lives were in limbo. In the end we MOVED to MICHIGAN :) and :( at the same time. ( the move is a whole 5 other posts)

5. The kids went to Orlando to stay the night with Gigi, Grandpa, Margie, Jerry, Linda, Mr. Mike, and Patty at the Marriott (one of my favorite places to visit the ladies when they are in FL) This resort has the BEST pool and lazy river. I know the kids had fun staying the night and I hope they didn't wear everyone out too much. Thanks for letting them stay the night!!!

4. Carter and Kenna got their first "Big Kid Bikes" with training wheels!!! (they havn't been able to ride them much this summer as they are packed somewhere in the garage and the helmets are packed somewhere else in the garage......) Hopefully we find everything by fall and they will still get to ride them before the snow.

3. Gigi and Grandpa came to visit for Memorial Day and we stayed at PCI on St. Pete Beach WHOA!!!!! It was kinda CRAZY and wild!! (it was fun, I liked it)

2. WE MOVED HOME TO MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!! The movers came a week early (we had a day notice) packed up all our stuff and off it went to MI.  We had to stay a few more days to finish everything so we camped out with our air mattress in a completely empty house.
He was stressed and I was crying..... it was a sad day.

1. We are here in Michigan and staying at my parents while our house is getting finished.  We have spent almost every weekend since we moved back working on it.  Except when we went to "Girls Weekend" (SIL's, MIL, and Aunt) , "Guys Weekend (chris and his brothers and Dad), and "Cousin's Weekend" (all the cousins together at Tom and Sara's with the Mom's ) The house is getting there slowly but everything has an order to get done so we can start on the next part of the house.  I can't wait to see it all finished, it's going to be like a brand new house! AND I LOVE everything we have picked out for the walls, floors, lighting, cabinets, and new bedroom furniture! I'm so excited!!

Well that was the top 10 highlights since December.... Carter and Kenna I PROMISE I will keep up so you don't have big chunks missing and you can look back and read about everything you did growing up :)