Friday, May 27, 2011

Pool Time = Play Time

Playing with Daddy.

My lil cheerleader!

We went to the coolest pool in Orlando to visit the ladies (and Mike).  We were dropping my Mom off for a week with her friends and decided to stay for the day and PLAY. The pool had a lazy river, zero entry, and 2 water slides! I wish I could have stayed the whole week with them, but I had to go to work. It was the last full week of school :)

Floating away!

Checking out the waterfall with Daddy.

Thats Chris's FEET sticking out.

Kelly's Shower

My good good friend and sorority sister (AXO) Kelly is getting MARRIED!!! Kelly and I went to a job fair back in 2006 and BOTH scored teaching positions in a fantastic school district. That summer we moved to Florida and began teaching. She works at an elementary school, I am in a high school.  She met Mike at her school and fell in love. He is a great guy and I think they bring out the best in each other. I am so happy for them both.

We had Kelly's wedding shower last weekend. It was a beautiful day and a very nice shower.  My job was to plan the centerpieces that were given away as part of a game.  The game was simple, it is a cute poem where it instructs the ladies at the table to pass the booklet and the last person with the poem when it ends gets to take home the centerpiece.  The centerpieces were oh-so fun and we MADE them. My Mom makes beautiful "towel" cakes. So we decided to make "mini cakes" out of kitchen towels in Kelly's wedding colors.
Kelly's cake was gorgeous! We used white towels as the "cake" and put together blue flowers to decorate.  Gigi is so creative and talented.  I keep trying to talk her into selling them on ETSY.  I think she could do very well.

I am so excited for her wedding to see all the girls and Kenna and Carter are going to be the flower girl / ring bearer. I have a plan to get two 18 month toddlers down the isle :) CANDY!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Party Weekend

WOW! What a weekend that was! We spent our weekend in four different states ( I am counting one twice) with ALL of our family and extended family. We left Thursday evening and flew across the country to Michigan. On Friday we spent the day in OHIO celebrating my sister's graduation from Owens College. She graduated with honors from the Physical Therapy Assistant program, which has a rigorous academic and clinical based curriculum. 

She will also be graduating from Bowling Green State University this summer. GREAT JOB PAULA! We are very proud of you.

 On Saturday we drove across the state to go visit with Chris's family. We stopped in to see his parents new condo. They just sold their home after living there 40 years to the day! The new condo is nice, it is a good size for them and no more yard work :) We then went up to Chris's brothers house to visit with the WHOLE family. And when I mean whole family, Chris is one of six siblings and so far there is 11 grandchildren (#12 is on the way). Congratulations Lisa and Joe.  It is always a party when the family gets together.  We had so much fun and the twins got to play with their cousins.  It was way too short and we were sad to leave.  We can't wait for Cox Family Cottage WEEK 2011! See you all soon!
I love this tree in my parent's backyard.
On Sunday it was back to my parents house for Mothers Day/Graduation brunch with my family and extended family and friends. It was so nice to visit my Popa and Grandma and for Carter and Kenna to get to know their Great-grandparents.  I am truly blessed to have them in my life and part of my children's lives.
 The weekend went way too FAST and good-bye's are never easy. The only reason I can even make it out of the house is the fact that the plane will leave without me. Sometimes I think thats OK, I can just stay in Michigan; but we all know the real world comes fast with the Monday morning alarm. The only thing that makes good-byes bearable is the fact that we will be back in two months!! I can't wait! See you ALL soon and for a much longer time next time. We love you!