Monday, July 9, 2012

June..... Where Did it GO ?!?!

June flew by! As soon as school ended dates and times didn't matter so much. We had a few planned events, but for the most part the kids and I are "free birds" doing what we want, when we want. 

Here's what we did! 

We are 2 and a half!  So now we can pick out our clothes and dress ourselves!!  Kenna wanted socks with her dress, OK!  "Pick your battles! (Mommy) " Socks with her dress and sandals isn't hurting anything, looks funny, but maybe her feet were cold that day?!  It's ok. However, the socks and dress isn't even the half of funny outfits she manages to put together :) And it always seems she puts the crazy ones on when we are going to the Y.  I wonder what they think of me there??  Oh well, it makes her happy.  It looks like they are also dancing in this picture. We dance around here all-the-time!  I'm learning some GREAT new moves from my 2 year olds.
 Then we went to Kelly's to see Baby Rachel and go swimming.  Kenna is in LOVE with babies!! We bribe her by telling her she needs to show Baby Rachel how good she eats or how to brush her teeth :)
 Here I am with both my babies in the pool. This is the life! We are having so much fun this summer.
 Kenna making sure Baby Rachel was OK. Fan working (check), strapped in (check), needs to be pushed around (check) and Kenna helped Kelly rock Rachel to sleep in the stroller.
 Kenna also likes to help me cook dinner.. haha. She's sitting in the sling (yep, she still fits) and I let her stir a few things.. fun fun!
 Then for Father's Day we went to the beach on Saturday. Chris and I take this same picture every beach trip since he got the Jeep :) you can't see it but the kids are passed out in their car seats and we are happy! Thank you beach!
 Look how cute he is!! haha he's going to say something about me putting this picture up here and saying he's cute... BUT he is! and he is the most amazing Daddy. Carter and Kenna (and me) are so lucky! Thank you for everything Chris. We love you very, very, very much!!!XOXOXOXOX
 AND he got a new grill! It's a charcoal grill that is gas ignited. It's AWESOME! We all benefit from this because he grills and we all EAT. Yum! He also got a new blender (since he broke the one we had) it was the most manly blender I could find. It's called a NINJA and has a bunch of blades.... totally manly.
 silly Kenna... I need to take some more pictures of Carter....
 Playing with our besties!!
 THEN.... we went camping. In the living room! I have a whole other post about this. It was so much fun. (hopefully it gets posted this year)
 I braved Tropical Storm Debby and made it to Kristin's wedding shower! It was such a nice shower. My mom and I made her a "Towel Cake". My Mom makes them for almost all the showers she attends. They are beautiful and the hit of the shower! They look just like a three-tiered wedding cake. We have been talking about opening up an etsy shop for my Mom to sell her towel cakes since my wedding! And, we finally did!! We couldn't come up with a name, so we named it after what she puts on the cakes. She makes all the flowers by hand, they are the little primrose flowers and then she uses pearl pins to put it all together. SO, we named it Primrose and Pearls after her cakes. Check out our shop! click the link Primrose & Pearls
 driving home from the shower they closed 19 and re-routed us through a neighborhood. That's a street turned into a river that actually was creating rapids in front of my car. I have to admit I was a little scared but the trusty Explorer was great and she got us home safe.
 During all the rain we had to do lots of indoor crafts to keep everybody busy and happy.  I found these little Mickey and Minnie statues and the kidos painted them so nice.
 Then in between all the rain we planted our garden, in our diapers :)
June was fun! July we have trips planned so I will post more about those :) probably in September.