Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a nice Easter this year.  We were able to get up early, find the Easter baskets, have a little Easter egg hunt and make it to CHURCH!! I was so happy to just make it on time. We have tried to go to church on regular Sunday mornings and never make it out of the house on time for 10:30 mass. I know I should probably set an alarm and try harder, but....... we made it on Easter! (that's gotta count for something)

 At the beginning of mass I thought it was cute that Carter wanted to dance to the music, so I let him break it down in the aisle.  He thought it would be cute to take off sprinting to the front of the church where the band was to dance in front of them like a rock concert. Carter was running, so Chris took off after him and then Carter fell right by the band.  Everyone said "Awwww" it was a slightly embarrassing moment as I stood there watching this whole thing unfold. He was fine, Chris scooped him up and said "safe" (like baseball) while the band started to play "Wipe Out" and all the "awwww's" laughed. (I don't think I was laughing) I know what I was thinking!! "Ok, we attempted, time to go home!" I wanted to walk right out before the service even started, but Chris said "we are already here, we're staying" So we just moved back a row; then we had a row of chairs in front of us and people on both sides that made a barrier to keep the sugared up, wild, twins contained.  

We were able to keep the twins from running away, the lady next to me thought they were super cute (I think she liked kids in general) so she wasn't too bothered, and only one cranky old man moved his seat halfway through the mass far far away from us. (I say he was cranky because he gave us some "looks", I don't think he generally liked kids). I had a purse full of stuff and from time to time I was feverishly digging through looking for something to stop them from yelling. They played with lip gloss, my sun glasses and case, my change purse, receipts, and when all else failed I gave them each an egg filled with jelly beans from the egg hunt.   Overall, I consider it a successful morning! 

Maria from Snider Shots Photography took their Easter pictures this year and they are fantastic! Thank you for capturing the cutest Easter picture ever! (I may be a little bias)

We had to take our own Easter pictures in front of our almost finished, freshly painted, green house!
Here are the babies with Daddy.
And here they are with Mommy! I still have to pick a color for our front door..... any suggestions? 

Happy Easter!

Their Easter buckets this year. They got too much candy, webkins animals, and Firebugs flip flops.  They are the coolest flip flops ever! They light up! The clear straps have 3 lights in the base and when they stop their feet the whole flap lights up.

We even attempted to dye eggs. We did manage to dye the eggs and our hands at the same time. Kenna's favorite eggs now are pink eggs, she asks for pink eggs almost everyday. I guess white eggs don't taste as good as pink eggs. She likes to crack and peel the shell off. Then she takes out the yolk and calls it her baby egg... I don't know how she comes up with some of this???

Hope everyone else had a nice Easter weekend!

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