Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kelly and Mike's Wedding Part 1

 It was a great trip to Chicago. Me, Mom, Paula, Paige, Carter and Kenna all went on the road trip together!!
Part 1
  I wanted to capture a few of the details of the wedding and atmosphere of just being in the "Windy City".  Kelly's wedding was fabulous. I loved every part of it.
Thank you Kelly and Mike for inviting me and my family to share your big day!!

  The reception was at the Columbia Yacht Club.  It is a big ship that is docked in the harbor.  With a resturant, bar, and huge deck for parties!! 

This is the view from the top deck during cocktail hour.  Beautiful!!

I love flowers and colors!! I also love to eat. The food was soooo good. I tried to make the new potatoes and pearl onions like they were at the wedding :) Wish I would have taken a picture of the food.

All of the sail boats in the harbor.  I was dreaming of having one of those boats.

The view from our hotel.

Wow!! What a weekend! The good part is next in part 2!!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ashley and Aaron's Wedding

Ashley and Aaron were married in Ohio and I was so excited to be invited to share their special day!! Ashley was stunning, I absolutely LOVED her dress. Her wedding colors were kelly green and white. All the bridesmaids were in kelly green dresses and Ashley had kelly green shoes (so cute!!!)  
Paula was in the wedding, Eric was supposed to be but couldn't get away from AIT. He was missed the whole night but Al (his brother) was a great stand-in.  It is always fun to party with the Millers :)
The twins had tons of fun staying with "Big" Michele and "Little" Michele. I just hope Michele still wants babies of her own :) I had a night out!  On the way to the wedding  Dad drove, Mom was the passenger, and I sat in the back seat with my eyes shut just relaxing. It was soooo nice. Thank you so much for watching the twins!!!
The girls! Mom, Me and Paula at the wedding. We danced and had such a great time! Congratulations Ashley and Aaron!! I hope you are having fun on your big honeymoon to Korea. Best wishes for a long, happy life full of love!!!


The church that I grew up going to every Sunday has an annual summer festival.  We got married at this church, the twins were baptised at this church, and my sister was married at the same church. I have been at all the festivals as far back as I can remember, except one when I was pregnant with the twins ( I wasn't allowed to fly home).
There is live bands all weekend and the babies had tons of fun dancing out on the dance floor.  Kenna loved to jump and Carter did the bounce dance.
 The food at the festival is the BEST. I eat my way through it all weekend. This is half of the botana, it's so big half was all I could eat.
There is something for everyone, twins loved the fries and hotdogs, Chris had BBQ rib dinner (so did Phil, my Dad and Diane: must be good!!) I had the polish combo plate, and Paula had a botana (-meat) extra salsa and jalapenos.  It was a great Fathers Day lunch up at the festival. We entered a few drawings, didn't win anything; there is always next year!!!! I look forward to the fabulous food, friends, and fun every summer. See ya next year!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Garden

We have lived in Florida for about 5 going on 6 years and finally I have a garden. Its a flower garden.  I have tried every year for a garden but the heat, drought, and the HOUNDS have always managed to kill it. This year I was determined. I got Florida friendly plants (heat and drought resistant) so thats two problems solved. I also put in a green garden fence, dog problem solved.
Check, check and check.
Pink Zinnia

Salvia leucantha

Hot Pink Zinnia


And of course I have a small herb garden. Mint for Mojitos, basil for everything!!, chives, and parsley.

I already have plans for a vegetable garden next summer. It is going to be so nice to just go out and pick vegetables for dinner from my own garden.

Boat Day

A few weekends ago we decided to rent a pontoon boat from Jon Boat Rentals and take my mom, the twins, and our friends out for a day on the water.  It was soooo much fun! We are planning on renting a boat again when my sister is here next month.  We went out to a little sand bar in the Gulf of Mexico. The view was beautiful. The water was crystal clear and shallow for about 50 yards. Chris and Tim waded out to fish. Tim caught a flying fish and Chris swears he had a SHARK on his line but it bent the hook and got off.... Maybe...

Carter helped Daddy drive the boat out of the channel. He had so much fun chasing and runing with chris on the sand bar.

They even let ME DRIVE. Here I am concentrating on keeping the boat headed in the right direction.  Kenna, Carter and Jaycee slept the whole way back to shore.
Kenna in her life jacket. Too cute!!! She liked to find special shells on the beach and give them to Gigi to hold in a big shell she found. Kenna is my little collector.

Our boat with our friends, Kristin, Tim and Jaycee.

What a day!! It was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again!!