Monday, March 26, 2012

... And a Quart of Yellow Paint

OK so this past weekend.. we painted the house!! I have to explain this one.

On Saturday the kids and Chris were taking a nap. I went outside to water our non-existant grass and plan where I want Chris to build me a raised garden bed. As I was scoping out the garden I was thinking about a cute patio and the idea came to me!! I could paint the porch! I had leftover yellow paint I didn't use in the bathroom and yellow could be cute for a little while at least. Sooooo I painted it!!! and then Chris and the kids woke up..... He did NOT think the yellow porch was as cute as I thought it was. Anyway he sat and watched me paint for about a half hour before he said "what was that color we wanted to paint the house for real? I'm going to get it and paint it this weekend". Next thing I know, we were at Home Depot checking out with 5 gallons of Spartan Stone and Antique White for the trim (I still have to pick a door color).

We went home and knocked out the whole back side of the house that night. The next day Chris started painting and I entertained the twins in the back yard with the sprinkler, a kiddie pool, and possibly a bloody mary :) I got them both down for a nap, at the same time!! (any Momma with more than 1 baby knows that isn't always easy) Then I helped paint.  I have to help! I kinda started this whole ordeal.  I really was ok with the yellow porch, BUT I'm extremely happy with our color choice. It looks amazing and is only halfway finished. We have the rest of the front and far side of the house, then all the trim to do next weekend.

 It makes a HUGE difference to come home to a pretty color after a long day at work :) So, while I don't have a bright and colorful back porch, I have a calming and beautiful color on the whole house. Thank you to the best hubby ever! and for not being SOOOOO mad at me about the yellow porch idea :)
my cute yellow porch. Right Kali?
going green :)
this isn't so bad :) I felt so bad, I NEEDED to help!
I live in NPR, it's totally acceptable to paint in your bikini in the front yard :)))
I thought we should have left it like this for the week to freak out the association people....
Chris didn't think it was a good idea and finished most of the front.

It's pretty far from being finished and of course I'll post the finished product (I post everything :/ ) I'm slightly obsessed!

Our last couple weekends...

St. Patty's Day. We made it out to the Irish Pub's!! Yes, that's right PUB'S, two to be exact :) I can't tell you the last time we went out to a "bar"-bar, let alone two in one night. GO old us!!
see the little leprechaun sitting on the guy on the rights shoulder?!?!?!
It's been a few years since we went out on St. Patrick's day, and I think I missed something while I was out of the loop.... Seriously the outfits were HILARIOUS!!! I made friends with a guy with a sword in a bar and someone let me hold his leprechaun (ohhhhh that sounds soooooo awful!!!!lol) He had a little doll that was sitting on his shoulder (attached with velcro) and it said "top of the mornin to ya" It was like a green halloween :) It was fun and we were home at a decent hour which makes for a happier Mommy the next day.

The beach (2 weeks ago). I have seriously been so busy, I'm surprised we found the time to make it to the beach. But I'm so glad we did. It was actually fun and a tiny bit less stressful, don't get me wrong the ocean and two year twins is ALWAYS a nerve-wracking tiring event. We are always "on" playing in the sand, chasing them down the beach, taking them in the water, sometimes all three at once. But in a way this last beach visit was great. They are old enough to play with something more than two minutes in a row and are a teeny tiny little bit better at listening. This last visit they are finally-almost getting our rule of not going in the water without Mommy or Daddy. We had a lot of walking toward the water then turning around and yelling "Mommy come on", but hey, we are making an improvement.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Semi-homemade Monkey Bread

(my version)

3 cans grands buttermilk biscuits
1 1/2 tablespoons cinnamon
1/2 cup country crock (less sat fat) or butter
1 cup white sugar
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1/2 cup craisins
Cut each biscuit into 4 pieces. Mix sugar and cinnamon in a bowl.
Add biscuit pieces, several at a time; toss to coat well.

Place pieces in a buttered cake or Bundt pan until all are used. It rises a lot during baking make sure to leave room in the pan. I also like to put an old cookie sheet under just in case the sugar and butter boils over.

Sprinkle layers with (my fav)

Bring brown sugar and butter to a boil in saucepan. Cool 10 minutes, then pour over top of uncooked biscuits.

Bake at 350°F for 40-45 minutes. Allow to cool 15 minutes before removing from pan. Turn upside down to serve.

Instead of turning upside down this time, I made a little cream cheese frosting for the top. And we just pulled and ate all morning.

Cream cheese frosting
Equal amounts of cream cheese and margarine. (used what ever I had left in the fridge, little less than 1/4 cup of each)
Heat on stove to melt
2 drops pure vanilla extract
Mix in powdered sugar until you have a frosting consistency .

before baking