Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disney World with Grandpa and Gigi: Day 2, part 2

After naps we went to Downtown Disney for happy hour and dinner at T-Rex. We found a nice table outside of the Irish Pub and had a couple good beers. Mom, Makenna and I went across the street to a new store called Apricot Lane, LOVED IT! We didn't get anything but it was fun to look. Maybe next time :)
my Dad,
Isn't he handsome? and then my Boys.... (and Kenna)
They are pretty handsome too!!
See the rainbow? Dinner was very cool at T-Rex.
Carter seemed to like the Woolly Mammoth.
and they both liked this Dino... but...
He was terrified of the T-REX!! no tears, but he had a super grip on Chris and wouldn't take his eyes off it.
Kenna wasn't too afraid of it, but she also wasn't at the end with all the sharp teeth!
T-REX!!!! it is scary!
the bar area was very cool with a under water theme.
our amazing little family!
Kenna being silly with Daddy :)

My wonderful parents!!!! I love them and am so extremely grateful for everything they do with us. I was so excited to spend a 3 day vacation with them both!!! THANK YOU Mom and Dad for everything! We appreciate everything you do for us.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Disney with Grandpa and Gigi: Day 2

I had to put Day 2 into 2 posts. We had so much fun and did so much in 3 days that I don't want to miss anything or forget some of the cute little moments the twins had with their Grandparents. The first part of the day we spent it at the pool and splash park. We all love Disney, but needed the relax day in between days at the parks to regain some energy. 

Gigi bought Carter the cutest new "Crabby" suit.  Both Carter and Kenna call crabs "crabbys". 
Kenna hanging out, playing with Grandpa in the pool with their cups.
Pour the water into one cup...
and back into the other.

and back again :)  Kenna also got a new suit from Gigi. It's her "cupcake suit"
Carter is such a little dare devil.... He was over going down the slide sitting down. He saw the big kids go down backward and decided to try it out too!!!! Oh my, what am in for in the future with him!?!?!? He is going to give me heart palpitations one day, I just know it!
The boys and their cups (their red solo cups :) Carter said his was "coffee".... he hangs out with Mommy more than Daddy obviously! Otherwise he would have had "beer" in his cup like the guys (he was just scooping the pool water, don't worry) (or then again worry!!! I really hope he didn't drink any. Chris, you were paying attention right?! ewwwww!!!!!)
Mommy's Boy! We were having fun playing in the water. My Dad said he was like an "out of control bobber" in that life jacket. He usually has on his froggy but wanted his jacket instead for a while. He did get better by the end.
Cute suit :)
Before naps we stopped at the splash park to play. That water was much colder than the pool!!! But they loved it just the same. Run, run, run!!

Then it was nap time :)

Disney World with Grandpa and Gigi: Day 1

My Mom had planned a trip down to visit us over Memorial Day weekend and while she was planning we were both saying how we wish my Dad could come spend some time with us.  I was really excited my Mom was coming down but bummed at the same time because my Dad didn't get a plane ticket and couldn't take the days off work.  My Mom got here on Sunday and played with the babies all week while we were at work.  I'm sure I said at least 5 times "oh I wish Dad was here, or how much fun would this be with Dad" Thursday night we were all packed for our Disney weekend and my Mom promised the twins a surprise after dinner and baths.  She already offered us ice cream sandwiches once, we turned them down because we were too full from dinner. Later that evening she asked if we would like another surprise and we said "No" to more ice cream. Then she said," its at the door"......AND THERE WAS MY DAD at the front door!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe they kept it a secret that whole time. It was awesome!!!
Grandpa, Gigi and Carter and Kenna on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. We decided to go there the first day because it had the most for the twins. 

 Our first ride: Pirates of the Caribbean. It is Grandpa and Carter's Favorite ride. They were both singing "yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me" the whole time :) it was Captain Carter and Captain Grandpa for the rest of the day.
 ... we tried but couldn't make it out of the store without a sword.. Here's Captain Carter with his pirate ears and sword. He was a pirate for the rest of the day (for the rest of the weekend) and even today grandpa and carter were running around the house with their pirate swords. Everything that even resembles a sword becomes a sword....(hair brush, leg to Kenna's play-pen, a spoon...)
 Pirate Goofy... Carter was checking out his whiskers. and then......
 Carter showed off his best pirate moves with his sword for Goofy. It was too cute, I think Goofy was even impressed.
 Dad's Iowa hat even got in on the pirate action.
 Dad and Kenna at the Shootin' Gallery. Carter helping Daddy shoot the rifle. They were pretty good. I even did a little sharp shootin'. That rifle was heavy to hold up and shoot. It was fun.
 Dinner at my Dad's favorite place. The Liberty Tavern. It is a family favorite, the kids at all their food and our dinners were also fantastic!
 Everything is better when it's on a Mickey Mouse plate!
 My parents have this exact picture of me when I was Kenna's age at Disney. Churning the butter at Liberty Tavern.
 Hi Grandpa and Kenna!
 Hi Mommy and Carter (that's Gigi down there behind Carter's horse, haha she wasn't tall enough when the horse was all the way up :)
 Grandpa and Carter on Dumbo :) The Boys!
 The girls! Kenna picked out the "Pink Dumbo" here she is making it go up, up, up!
 He's such a good sport about all this! Thanks Chris!!!! We love you!
 So, Kenna loves Pooh and Carter got his pirate sword so Kenna had to have a baby pooh.... That's what I thought she was getting.... Look at what she talked Grandpa into getting her!!! The BIG Pooh!!!!! We gave her the little one and she stuck out her lip like she was sad and Grandpa I need the big one. YEP! She's already got him wrapped up. She hugged and kissed Grandpa all weekend, it was soooooo cute and she gets what she wants :)
 They had a new show with pictures on the castle and the castle changed colors. It was cool.
 But we always love watching the fire works. My mom got a picture of one of the heart fire works, see it?
 The Grand Finale!
Yep, that is one HAPPY BOY!!!!!!! Thank you so much Mom and Dad and Chris for a fantastic vacation!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Details and Museum 4/22/12

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Here are a few shots of Diane getting ready. That Sexy Little Bride hoodie was mine then my sister wore it and now my "new" sister wore it too. I like to say new sister instead of sister-in-law. The in-law part is so contract-y..haha. I'm kidding, I'm just happy she's part of the family.

I forgot how cool The Henry Ford Museum was.  I was little when we went there, I think it was around Christmas time. We went with my cousins Brian and Trevor and colored a picture. That was ALL I remembered. When Phil and Diane told me where they were having the reception I was excited but didn't really know what to expect. WOW! It was gorgeous and the history they have is amazing. Like they the THE Kennedy car. My students were just talking about President Kennedy and the conspiracies surrounding the assassination. So when I saw the car I immediately thought of them. They were excited to see the pictures of the car. These pictures are from Michele, hers came out better, mine were a little blurry. They didn't believe me that it was THE car and said it was buried somewhere. The sign said it was the Kennedy car and so did Wikipedia :) I appreciate the history in the museum so much more now that I'm an adult and understand the impact these events had on shaping the country we have today.
photo credit: Michele Ronzello
photo credit: Michele Ronzello
There were 6 presidential vehicels on display, and all the way down the hall there is a huge train exhibit. 
This is a car decorated from the woman's suffrage movement. Below is a model of a school classroom. I showed my students how different it was. I pointed out their desks and my desk :) They said "that doesn't look like your desk, it doesn't have enough papers and stuff on it".  I guess it's time to clean up and organize my papers.
One of the many beautiful chandeliers hanging all over the museum.
Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were good friends (besties :) Here is an article about their friendship Click here to read about their friendship  
I love this quote! 
The Titanic exhibit was impressive as well. I enjoyed the whole museum!

I am excited to go back to the museum and Greenfield Village this summer when I am home with Carter and Kenna.  I would like to go to the village next Christmas when we are home, I hear it is beautiful.