Sunday, April 15, 2012

Aquarium Party!

Happy Birthday to Gavin and Ethan!!!! The twins best buds from daycare had their birthdays at The Florida Aquarium yesterday and we were thrilled to celebrate with them. Gavin turned 3 and Ethan turned 1.  It was such a fun party with awesome guests. It was nice to hang out with some of the teachers from school that I usually don't get to see outside of school.  Rose, Allison, Chad and Beth, Shannon, Kelly, Liza; we are all teachers and get into the aquarium free, lets do this again this summer!!!!!!! 

The party was out in a covered area right by the channel and overlooking the spray park. The kids were able to run around the spray park right when they got there. I think it's funny how different the twins are.  Carter is a bruiser, he was running everywhere and not afraid to slide down or jump off anything. Kenna is a little calmer, she thinks things through and usually is a little more cautious.

 All the fun and running didn't come without a few wipe outs.  Poor Carter :( But we did tell him each time to stop running because he was going to get hurt. He'll learn right?!?!?! Chad told me about a book about a Lion that doesn't listen to his parents and gets hurt. I think he said the title was "When Lion Doesn't Listen".  I need to find that book for Carter.

They even had a "creature feature".  The kids learned about the Florida Box Turtle.  The nice girl explained how they live, what they eat, and all about their protective shell. All the kids even got to touch him on his shell (and then hand sanitized!)
 Birthday Boy! Gavin turned 3!
 Birthday Boy Ethan turned 1!
 Kenna playing with Daddy :) Showing off her "trick".
 Ethan loved his 1 year old cake!! Oh, he is such a cutie. He wasn't sure about it at first, then big brother came to help.
 And he dug right in!!
 See what I mean on being such a cutie :)
 After the party, everyone was able to walk through the aquarium. It was the first time we walked through without a stroller.  Kenna held my hand and Carter held Daddy's.  It was so nice not having to maneuver the double stroller through the crowds and then get them in and out at each exhibit.  Our favorite yesterday was the sharks.  They are so cool and sooooo big.  At the first shark tank Kenna and Carter both said "Hide, the sharks are gonna eat me! Scary!" How do they know this?!? I don't think I have ever said sharks will eat you in the ocean and we have never watched "Jaws" haha. I have told them alligators would eat them! (bad Mommy :)

 At the second shark tank (the huge full wall tank) we met up with our friends and the kids other best buddies Kinsey and Kamdyn. (just for the record) Kenna does not give out kisses and hugs very freely or to just anyone.  Kenna LOVES Kamdyn! Everyday when Kamdyn comes into Tammy's Kenna hangs all over her giving her hugs and kisses when we get into the cars to go home. It's cute. Anyway, the four of them had front row seats to watch the sharks. The sharks were putting on a show, circling right up next to the glass and opening their mouth to show off their extremely sharp, pearly whites.

 Duh duh! Duh duh! Duh duh! (theme from Jaws)

Thank you for inviting us to share your special days! We had a lot of fun, it was a cool party!! Happy Birthday Gavin and Ethan! Love, your friends Carter & Kenna and Chris & Marissa

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