Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Competition

Proud Cobra Coaches!
This past weekend was the first competition of the season which we have been preparing for since June. The team has had a few bumps and bruises along with a couple sprained and 1 fractured ankle. Just keeping all of them healthy is a full time job! Yesterday, we were down a cheerleader due to an injury (the fractured ankle).  I know she was sad about not being on the mat with her team, but she will be back for the rest of our competitions.  I think competition is more nerve wracking as a coach because I can't do anything, I just have to sit and watch.

I LOVE LOVE our competition routine this year.  We have a ton of tumbling and a sweet dance (yeah Melissa!!)  I am so very proud of my team, they work hard and it paid off....  1st place Co-ed division!! We still have work to do (as always) however, I think this is a great place to start from!

The twins went to a birthday party this past weekend with Chris and I was told they had a BLAST.  Chris said Carter did not stop running and playing with the big kids and kenna was cute as always.
 They ate a cupcake while Chris was holding both of them and I'm sure Chris was stressing about the cupcake getting EVERYWHERE... I can see it now. haha Chris does NOT like to get dirty, so to have cupcake all over the three of them is hilarious! Can you tell he is not happy by his face...Good job staying calm Daddy!

 They got a special present from Grandpa, Uncle Phil and Aunt Diane in the mail this past week.  Iowa cheerleading outfit and t-shirt!! We had to wear them out to dinner.  I know, its the wrong colors for Mommy's team, we need red and gold. What college team is red and gold? I want to get a uniform for Kenna for the HHS competitions.

Sunday morning breakfast (when Chris cooks) is my favorite.  He made massive breakfast sandwiches this morning.. 2 pieces of toast, 2 pieces of cheese, egg, sausage, hashbrown patty, with hot sauce...... YUUMMMMMM! 
The twins had their breakfast too... eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns.  Chris makes the best breakfasts!! He still has a bit to learn about making dinner but he's coming along :) and now to get back to my lazy lazy Sunday.


  1. I absolutely love your blog! I always look forward to your sweet, often funny, but always endearing way of sharing your world! Carter and Kenna are growing so fast! They are precious! You and Chris are such awesome parents! Go Cobras! They are soooo very lucky to have you! Keep up the great work and I for one can't wait to the next update!

  2. Awww! Great summary! Love all the pics, Im sure it's hard to pick just a few. Love you!!