Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving (part 1) FOOD and Family

We had such a nice Thanksgiving with FAMILY!!! We drove up to my sister's new home in Georgia, her hubby is stationed at Ft. Gordon.  I love the area they are living, it is nice and new, every store and restaurant is very convenient and Paula has decorated their apartment so cute.  The twins did great in the car, I think mainly because we had a double screen DVD player :)
The twins are soooo funny with Auntie P and Uncle Eric.  We have been calling Eric "Uncle Bubba" and Carter must think his first name is Uncle because he called him just "Uncle" all weekend; while Kenna called him "Bubba".  They had a funny little argument about what his name was.. Carter called him Uncle and Kenna would correct him and say "it's Bubba" then Carter would think about it and say "No, Uncle" and back and forth.

Paula and Eric made a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner.  They both LOVE good food and so do Chris and I!! So the whole weekend we ate and ate and ate, it was AWESOME!! Paula made this warm brie and dried fruit wrapped in a pastry appetizer.  I just saw a commercial for it today.  The blend of flavors was really tasty.  We all ate a little bit on each cracker, Chris just popped the whole piece in his mouth ( I have a classy hubby ) ha ha ha.

injecting the turkey

 Then Eric made his concoction of spices, honey, and beer to inject into the was SO good. The whole house smelled like spices, turkey, and beer all weekend. The turkey was tender and had a fantastic flavor. We ate it for dinner, then lunch the next day and snack the next. It never lost any flavor, the leftovers were just as good as the first round.

Paula and Uncle made the whole dinner and I am thankful for that!  Anytime I don't have to cook is wonderful. They did such a great job we really enjoyed being at their house for the holiday.  Paula also made pumpkin pies for dessert.  She made big ones for the adults and baby pies for the twins.  She made my favorite kind; pumpkin pie with coconut... its so good, try it!

Thank you so much for having us over for Thanksgiving and feeding us all weekend. I know the babies can be a handful at times. You guys are the best!!! We love you both very much and are excited to spend Christmas with you!!

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