Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Looking Back... Two Years Already?!?


I spent about a half hour this evening looking back though my pictures of the twins.. Starting at before day 1 through today.... I have to admit a couple times I had tears, but they were happy tears! We have been blessed with double the love and we couldn't be happier! I picked out pictures to share that have both my bundles of joy in them.  I only picked pictures from one computer so there is a big chunk of time missing, but I can still see them grow and change through the ones I picked.

15 week ultra sound.  I know most people can not see anything in this picture, but I can see both my babies perfectly.   See the little arm right in the middle...?
Birth day!! Exactly 2 years ago today and I remember everything like it was yesterday.
yep.. and I remember this :) both crying at the same time. twins :)
My brother took this picture. I love it! 
This is the only picture I picked without both the babies in it..... but I just LOVE this picture, you can see how small her little hand is. I remember taking this picture.
Such a proud Daddy! 
Sleeping. This is one of my favorite things. Having both my babies sleeping on me. 
Michele came to visit!!! She is a natural, holding both babies like it was  easy :)
Carter always had to be close or touching Kenna.

summer 2010.
The Cosner side of the family. All 4 generations.
Spending time in Michigan last summer.  
HAHA timeout?? or playtime??
Last summer at the Miller's pool.
At Gymnastics last summer.
This was the past fall. Pat and Nancy brought their new kitten over.  I'm happy it lived through the visit.  Carter and Kenna chased and loved that kitty all over the house.

carving pumpkins with Daddy and Auntie P
They love to do crafts... painting was super messy.

Thanksgiving 2011
Happy 2nd Birthday @ Disney.
I can't believe its been 2 years already and I am so excited for the next.  They are growing and changing everyday.  I love you both very very much!


  1. I don't have a lot of words at the moment...WOW comes to mind! They have grown soooo much! You have such beautiful memories! Thank you for sharing them! Life is so precious, you and your family are a perfect example of that!