Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am proud to be a Cobra! We all are doing great things here at HHS but my friend and collegue, Teresa, goes above and beyond everyday for her students.  She is an amazing teacher! I know first hand about her aaa-mazing-ness.
She taught my class for 7 months while I was out on bed-rest and maternity leave. When I came back to teach I had BIG shoes to fill.  The students talked about her everyday and I think most wished I stayed out the rest of the year so they could have her instead of me. ( she really is THAT wonderful!!!)  I have to admit, when I returned I felt like I was the substitute in her class.
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Every year, at the end of the year, I have my students write letters to me and tell me what they liked and didn't like about the class, something they would have liked me to do to help them learn and something I did well that made them understand complicated scientific concepts, and finally they get to leave advice to the incoming freshmen. (I type up just their advise and give it to my classes the first day of school the following year) That year I had them write letters to Mrs. Caraker and me. I didn't read her letters but I can only imagine they were all begging her to teach biology so they could have her next year as their 10th grade teacher :) Heck, maybe I should tell her to teach some of the in-services at District so she can be my teacher too. We are all lucky to have her at HHS.

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