Monday, December 5, 2011

Sister Time

My sister, Paula, and I picked up fresh wreaths over the weekend, but they were too plain and boring for us. So we decorated!! My sister and mom are the two craftiest people in our family.  I have lots to live up to when it comes to being creative.  Anyway, I went with a lime green and red theme and she went with the traditional gold, cream and bronze. We even found special ornaments for the center of our wreaths.

First we had to lay it all out where we wanted everything to go.
  Here I am starting to pin it all on....

 Paula is trying to get her bow to flow through the wreath........
 AND...... Here they are, our finished Christmas wreaths! They are beautiful!
If you look close our special ornament in the center is an Army ornament for our hubby's.  Both of our husbands are in the Army. The ornament says "I love my Soldier". Cute huh!

 We hung them both of Paula's door for the picture. Then mine made the trip home and is hanging in Florida, while hers is on her door in Georgia.

It was fun making our wreaths together and I am reminded of her every time I walk in my front door.  I'm sad we might not see each other this Christmas, but I have a little piece of us hanging on my door.  I  love my sister, I swear I don't know how I would make it without her! 
You're awesome "P", we just had another fun weekend, I'm writing about that next!!

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