Monday, October 24, 2011

It has been a BUSY week

We have a new..........NEPHEW!! John Louis Cox was born on 10-12-11 weighing in at 8lbs and as healthy as can be! Congratulations Lisa, Joe, Patrick, Izzy, and Tommy!! I can't wait to go home in January and hold the little guy. 

We also celebrated my 29th birthday.  I had a wonderful day at school; all my classes sang happy birthday to me. I really loved when they were guessing my age and honestly guessed 24!! Then they acted surprised I was 29. Only 1 person (out loud) guessed I was 32..haha.  I love my classes this year.  They are hard workers and have great personalities which makes my job even more enjoyable.  Chris got me Tom's shoes.  The are the "Dare to Teach" fabric. I love them! And I love that Tom's has their "One for One" campaign.  It is with every purchase of a new pair of Tom's they will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.  So that means a kid out there got a present for my birthday too!!! 

My cheerleaders made me a special shirt that said "Birthday Coach" with all their names on the back. It's pretty sweet! I wore it to both games this week this past week. 

A couple weekends ago I made a "Haunted Foam Castle".  It was a 91 piece 3D foam puzzle.  The directions were to follow the picture on the box.  Three hours later I finally had it finished.  It is very cute, some sort of directions would have been helpful.  I think my finished castle turned out pretty cool!

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