Monday, October 3, 2011

My Favorite Month

It's OCTOBER! My favorite month! I love this month because it's my birthday month, Halloween, fall weather (not so much in Florida), leaves changing (I look a pictures on Pinterest for this!), Friday night football games,  Oktoberfest (I love German food and a beer), and I have a new niece or nephew coming this month.

It's a great month to have a baby, 29 years ago! It is my last year in my 20's.  I am not sad about this at all,  actually I am looking forward to a fantastic year.
I love this month more than just my birthday month.  October is like the "kick-off" for the holidays!

pick out a color.
 This past weekend the twins did a Halloween craft. They colored masks with markers (and their legs! But we kept it off the walls!).  Kenna has a "mow-mow" mask and Carter has a "Frank" mask.  He couldn't pronounce Frankenstein.
Carter coloring Frank
             The twins coloring their masks. 

Kenna and her "mow mow"
Carter used his mask more like a bat or paddle.
Kenna knew how to use her mask!
Kenna helped me with the pumpkin to hang in the front window.

We also colored and stickered a Halloween book.

I got our family pictures printed and switched out some old pictures for new ones. I put Chris and the twins on the far left and my favorite picture of Chris and I in the one at the top. When I switch pictures out of frames I always leave the other picture behind the new one. That way when I switch again I can look back and remember what I had in there. Looking at the wall in the picture I think I want to update the double "family" frame on the bottom right.

I also switched my pictures out that I have on my desk at school and look at what I found!!!! The picture on the left was from 10 years ago (it was behind 4 other pictures). It was from my very first semi-formal with Alpha Chi Omega, Chris was my date (of course he was my boyfriend!).  10 YEARS AGO!!! wow we look so young! I put it next to our latest picture and I love the amazing little family we have created together.  All of this happened in 10 short years. I love our life and couldn't ask for anything more. 

 It's also a good month to have a baby in 2011! My sister-in-law is due on the 12th with her 4th! I am so excited to meet the new addition to the family...BOY OR GIRL?????? I am guessing GIRL.  We will find out on the 12th. Lisa is a "super-mom"! Four children between the ages of (5-newborn) I look up to her and turn to her for advise.  I wish her a safe delivery and speedy recovery.

I share October 19th with my friend Stephanie, every year in high school we would wish each other a happy birthday at the same time! She just told me on Facebook that she is due with her first son on.... OUR BIRTHDAY!!!!  It would be so cool for Stephanie if she had him on her birthday!

This year we are going to go to an Oktoberfest celebration in Tampa (close to Germany, right?) I really like German food, I think I am looking forward the food more than the beer.  It's funny how excited I get about good food.  Its going to be a great month with fun things, Halloween costumes (not sure about them yet) and new additions! We have a craft for each weekend so I'll post about the next. Have a great week!

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