Monday, October 10, 2011

OktoBEERfest and a Rainy Sunday

On Saturday we went to Oktobeerfest at Dunedin Brewery.  Two years ago we went to this with my sister-in-laws when they were down to visit while I was pregnant with the twins.  Last year we missed the event, so we made sure to make it back this year! It was fun, the food was delicious, and I found a new favorite beer called Big Bam Boo Pumpkin Ale brewed at the brewery.  Chris bought us each a Dunedin Brewery t-shirt, so now we have matching shirts... how cute!!! haha!! I just have to convince him I want to wear them on the same day, we would be so funny!!!

Kenna and Carter had fun dancing to the band with the other kids that were there.  Kenna even made friends with a nice lady who got up and danced with us.  They are so much fun to watch!

This is Carter after waking up from his nap. WOW!! Look at that hair.  It might be time for a hair cut, but I don't think I can stand cutting off those beautiful (sometimes crazy) curls.  Maybe we will trim it up a little when Auntie P is here so she can help keep his head still.  His new this is saying "oh ya, oh ya" when we ask him a question, it is the cutest thing ever!!! I as "Carter, do you love your Mommy?" his reply "Oh ya!" 

Chris didn't want an actual birthday party all about him..... so I made it a pumpkin carving party with cupcakes to celebrate Chris's 30th thrown in.  I'm sneaky like that! I was just going to send out an email about it, but I thought I would play around with photoshop and see what I came up with for an actual invitation.  Two hours later and a (printing issue) I had an invite,  they are cute and I like them!! My brother is an actual graphic artist went to college for it and everything!!! There were a few times I wanted to just give up and call him to make one for me, but I didn't! I even thought about calling him to ask questions about what I was doing. However, I am sooooooo not photoshop savvy and I didn't know how to put what I was doing into words so he could understand me.  Let alone when he would try to tell me what to do back I wasn't going to get it either.  SO this invitation is a product of trial-and-error and clicking the go back a step button. 

Sunday evening we made our second Halloween craft: Sun catchers.  The twins painted them mostly by themselves.  They really liked painting.  Carter didn't want to stop even after his paint was all gone.  
Kenna and Daddy painting.
Kenna made the "mow mow" her favorite animal lately, and Carter made the ghost.

It was a nice weekend and we have a SUPER BUSY week ahead.  I just need to remember not to get overwhelmed and take it one task at a time.  I have our first HHS Cheerleading Alumni Night Fundraiser at school this Friday!! and we have UCF Stunt Camp on Saturday in Orlando.  I hope I get everything done and we have a good turnout for the event!!! 

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