Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boat Day

A few weekends ago we decided to rent a pontoon boat from Jon Boat Rentals and take my mom, the twins, and our friends out for a day on the water.  It was soooo much fun! We are planning on renting a boat again when my sister is here next month.  We went out to a little sand bar in the Gulf of Mexico. The view was beautiful. The water was crystal clear and shallow for about 50 yards. Chris and Tim waded out to fish. Tim caught a flying fish and Chris swears he had a SHARK on his line but it bent the hook and got off.... Maybe...

Carter helped Daddy drive the boat out of the channel. He had so much fun chasing and runing with chris on the sand bar.

They even let ME DRIVE. Here I am concentrating on keeping the boat headed in the right direction.  Kenna, Carter and Jaycee slept the whole way back to shore.
Kenna in her life jacket. Too cute!!! She liked to find special shells on the beach and give them to Gigi to hold in a big shell she found. Kenna is my little collector.

Our boat with our friends, Kristin, Tim and Jaycee.

What a day!! It was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again!!

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