Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ashley and Aaron's Wedding

Ashley and Aaron were married in Ohio and I was so excited to be invited to share their special day!! Ashley was stunning, I absolutely LOVED her dress. Her wedding colors were kelly green and white. All the bridesmaids were in kelly green dresses and Ashley had kelly green shoes (so cute!!!)  
Paula was in the wedding, Eric was supposed to be but couldn't get away from AIT. He was missed the whole night but Al (his brother) was a great stand-in.  It is always fun to party with the Millers :)
The twins had tons of fun staying with "Big" Michele and "Little" Michele. I just hope Michele still wants babies of her own :) I had a night out!  On the way to the wedding  Dad drove, Mom was the passenger, and I sat in the back seat with my eyes shut just relaxing. It was soooo nice. Thank you so much for watching the twins!!!
The girls! Mom, Me and Paula at the wedding. We danced and had such a great time! Congratulations Ashley and Aaron!! I hope you are having fun on your big honeymoon to Korea. Best wishes for a long, happy life full of love!!!

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