Monday, September 26, 2011

Our FUN Family Weekend

We had a great family weekend. It started out by spending Friday night under the lights at a home football game.  The Cobras played like a completely different team this past week.  We lost the game in the last 27 seconds, but I was so proud to be a cobra.  The boys played hard the entire game, most of the players play both sides of the ball, so they were on the field the whole night!  The article on our school website said it best (and Vince Lombardi), "We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time" Check out the article on our website HERE.

On Saturday the kids stayed home with Chris and I went over to my friend Lisa's house for dinner.

On Sunday we decided to take a day trip to Disney World!

 We went to Epcot first and rode in a clam shell to find Nemo.  Then took an adventure through out imagination with Figment. AND the best part of the day was meeting Mickey Mouse and all his friends!!
Here Kenna is giving Mickey a kiss on the nose. The twins were so excited to meet Mickey they were yelling his name while we were in line before it was our turn to go.

Here they are in awwweeee.. So happy to be with Mickey.

Here is Carter and Pluto. He called him puppy the whole time. Kenna didn't want to hug pluto, she just wanted to go back to Mickey. 

It's Minnie Mouse!! Carter fell in love. Arms out for a BIG hug and.....

He kissed her about 3 times on the nose!!!! It was love at first sight!

Of all the characters he knew Donald's name right away and said it a few times before it was our turn. Again Kenna was being a little shy. But Carter walked right up and shook Donald's hand.

Here is our family with Goofy.  He was a great sport when both kids were knocking on his head at the end of out picture.  I apologized and mentioned that it was probably loud in there with the twins knocking on his nose.  Sorry Goof!

After we took pictures with all of the characters it was time for lunch.  We went to Chris's favorite place, The Rose and Crown Pub.  It has British food and good beer, whats not to love.  We each got fish and chips and a beer and the kids got their own order of chips and apple juice.  I had a Golden Fox which is Boddingtons and Bass Ale mixed; I really liked it.  

After Epcot we took the Monorail to Magic Kingdom to check out the Halloween decorations and ride a few favorites before we went home.  (check out part 2)

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