Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disney World with Grandpa and Gigi: Day 2, part 2

After naps we went to Downtown Disney for happy hour and dinner at T-Rex. We found a nice table outside of the Irish Pub and had a couple good beers. Mom, Makenna and I went across the street to a new store called Apricot Lane, LOVED IT! We didn't get anything but it was fun to look. Maybe next time :)
my Dad,
Isn't he handsome? and then my Boys.... (and Kenna)
They are pretty handsome too!!
See the rainbow? Dinner was very cool at T-Rex.
Carter seemed to like the Woolly Mammoth.
and they both liked this Dino... but...
He was terrified of the T-REX!! no tears, but he had a super grip on Chris and wouldn't take his eyes off it.
Kenna wasn't too afraid of it, but she also wasn't at the end with all the sharp teeth!
T-REX!!!! it is scary!
the bar area was very cool with a under water theme.
our amazing little family!
Kenna being silly with Daddy :)

My wonderful parents!!!! I love them and am so extremely grateful for everything they do with us. I was so excited to spend a 3 day vacation with them both!!! THANK YOU Mom and Dad for everything! We appreciate everything you do for us.

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