Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Details and Museum 4/22/12

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Here are a few shots of Diane getting ready. That Sexy Little Bride hoodie was mine then my sister wore it and now my "new" sister wore it too. I like to say new sister instead of sister-in-law. The in-law part is so contract-y..haha. I'm kidding, I'm just happy she's part of the family.

I forgot how cool The Henry Ford Museum was.  I was little when we went there, I think it was around Christmas time. We went with my cousins Brian and Trevor and colored a picture. That was ALL I remembered. When Phil and Diane told me where they were having the reception I was excited but didn't really know what to expect. WOW! It was gorgeous and the history they have is amazing. Like they the THE Kennedy car. My students were just talking about President Kennedy and the conspiracies surrounding the assassination. So when I saw the car I immediately thought of them. They were excited to see the pictures of the car. These pictures are from Michele, hers came out better, mine were a little blurry. They didn't believe me that it was THE car and said it was buried somewhere. The sign said it was the Kennedy car and so did Wikipedia :) I appreciate the history in the museum so much more now that I'm an adult and understand the impact these events had on shaping the country we have today.
photo credit: Michele Ronzello
photo credit: Michele Ronzello
There were 6 presidential vehicels on display, and all the way down the hall there is a huge train exhibit. 
This is a car decorated from the woman's suffrage movement. Below is a model of a school classroom. I showed my students how different it was. I pointed out their desks and my desk :) They said "that doesn't look like your desk, it doesn't have enough papers and stuff on it".  I guess it's time to clean up and organize my papers.
One of the many beautiful chandeliers hanging all over the museum.
Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were good friends (besties :) Here is an article about their friendship Click here to read about their friendship  
I love this quote! 
The Titanic exhibit was impressive as well. I enjoyed the whole museum!

I am excited to go back to the museum and Greenfield Village this summer when I am home with Carter and Kenna.  I would like to go to the village next Christmas when we are home, I hear it is beautiful.

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