Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yo Ho Ho!!

We did enough on Saturday morning to fill a whole weekend. After pictures we went down to the sponge docks to walk around and have lunch. As we were walking and looking at the sponging boats (Carter and Kenna called them pirate ships) they were being so funny saying "yo ho ho" and "arg matey" to each boat we passed. They were having so much fun looking at the boats we decided to take them on a pirate ship ride (it was a sponging boat).
We were the first trip of the day so we got to see the diver get dressed in all his gear.

 I was a little worried the twins were going to be afraid of him in that huge suit, but they didn't mind at all. Maybe it was because they watched him get ready.

Carter even went all by himself to take a picture with him. Makenna was too obsessed with her lipgloss to even notice the huge diver standing next to her, hahaha.

She put that lipgloss on the whole time we were on the boat. After the third time she attempted to put it on me I was ready to throw it (the lipgloss not Kenna) overboard.
Anyway, we had a cute captain and crew that could have been some of the original spongers of Tarpon Springs.
The captain told us the history and entire process of sponge diving. He also told us about this other boat and captain that was on the discovery channel for the show Dirty Jobs.

The boat and Captain on Dirty Jobs.
 I didn't know this but sponges on the bottom of the ocean are actually black and kinda slimy and don't look anything like the final product you buy in the stores.
The diver brought a wool sponge up from the bottom of the ocean and we all got to touch it. Carter and Kenna even touched it. Carter full out grabbed at it (so boy) and Kenna very carefully with one finger touched it (the sponge was wearing lipgloss too) Kenna managed to leave a little smudge of lipgloss on everything.
It was a fun spontaneous boat trip on a beautiful Saturday morning. Afterward we went to lunch at Mama's for Greek salad. The kids were exhausted by that time and in hind sight we should have ordered our food to go. We all took a nap when we got home ;)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us :) Love you all! Gigi